Premium cleaning for Medical, Health & Aged Care facilities

Medical, Health & Aged Care Facilities Professional Cleaning

Sanifect recognises the medical, health and aged care sectors require special care when it comes to cleaning — as well as complete attention to detail. Our qualified cleaners have specialised knowledge and experience that meet hygiene, decontamination, infection control and safety requirements.

Our team is sensitive to the needs of both the professionals and staff as well as the residents and that privacy and dignity are paramount.

We will implement a strategy with appropriate systems and infection control procedures that ensure your facility is maintained to the highest standard. Sanifect’s cleaning professionals are trained in Infection Control and OHS standards.

Your options for cleaning methodology are all environmentally aware and include traditional products and cleaning methods, as well as alternative microfiber and waterless technologies.

Our best practice work methods eliminate risk of cross-contamination via improper equipment and material use, and we utilise a colour-coded cleaning system that easily identifies where equipment and materials can be used that is aligned to hospital required standards.

Other features of our health & aged care cleaning includes:

  • Understanding and experience of health sector needs
  • Professional cleaners chosen in-line with the special requirements required in the health & aged care sectors
  • Strong levels of support training and supervision of cleaners
  • Comprehensive risk assessment process
  • Cleaners trained to Quality Assurance Standards of your facility, as well as Sanifect’s quality assurance systems.

To minimise the event of risks, we have designed and implemented safe working practices that are communicated to all staff. These practices are reviewed every year in-line with our OH&S Management criteria. Our service standards are aligned with the National Healthcare cleaning Standards (GB) 2003 which includes:

  • Infection control
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Standardized cleaning materials
  • Cleaning method statements
  • Patient equipment cleaning

Sanifect has also developed communication and response processes as recognised by the hospital accreditation system consisting of:

  • Communication books at agreed locations within the facility
  • Onsite supervisors who communicate first-hand with the duty nurse or health administrator (as appropriate)
  • Scheduled and documented supervision
  • Management overview, regular liaison, and reviews

If your hospital, medical, healthcare or aged care setting is looking for professional cleaning to infection control standards, we’d love to hear from you.

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