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Professional Cleaning for Sporting Clubs, Gyms & Leisure Facilities

Keeping your members healthy with a clean and hygienic facility is key to keeping your sporting, leisure or gym club’s finances healthy too. Right up there with location, membership fees and hours of operation, a clean environment is crucial to attracting and retaining customers.

Sanifect offers tailored professional cleaning solutions that meet your cleaning and related service needs.

All work is overseen by qualified cleaning technicians who have years of practical hands-on cleaning experience within this sector, including the Hawthorn Football Club.

Whilst we will tailor a strategy unique to your facility after a walk-through and listening to your needs, some of the cleaning fundamentals will incorporate:

  • Foyer / Reception: The first impression of your facility is made at your reception area. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment. Special odour-control products leave your facility smelling fresh and clean; not overly disinfected.
  • Locker Room Cleaning: These high traffic areas present particular challenges in maintaining clean and hygienic surfaces and controlling odour. In additional to our standard bathroom and sanitary maintenance program, we add an additional layer of door control with metered aerosols that deliver up to 24-hour odour control.
  • Saunas: We provide regular maintenance of the stone and wood surfaces in sauna rooms with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners that naturally deodorize, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free.
  • Studios, Pilates, Aerobics, Boxercise: Depending on the floor surface, we will use the appropriate bio-based floor cleaners to maintain the cleanliness and disinfection of class studio floors.
  • General: We use color-coded microfiber rags to eliminate cross-contamination and use environmentally preferred cleaning products to preserve the environmental health of your facility. Our check point task list assures there is no crevice left untreated, including the sanitizing of phones and water coolers.
  • Rest Rooms and Showers: These areas say a lot about your facility’s health and appearance, and can present the greatest cleaning challenge. Sanifect pays particular attention to proper restroom and shower cleaning to ensure they’re clean, orderly, odour-free, and well-stocked.
  • Equipment & Wipe-Down Areas: Members are assured you have their personal health in mind when you have germicidal cleaners available for equipment wipe-down. We provide environmentally preferred products that will sanitise surfaces without damage. Additionally, as part of our services, we include a sanitising wipe-down of exercise mats with environmentally preferred products.

Get in contact with our friendly and professional account managers to discuss your sporting facility’s cleaning needs.

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