What we do as professional cleaners

Professionally Managed Commercial Cleaning

Sanifect provides professionally managed cleaning and related services to business, government and non-government organisations throughout Australia.

With a high focus on cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting standards, we customise our services levels to suit the needs of each client. We always aim to excel on quality, personal service, continual improvement and value for money. Our expert, fully supervised teams offer consistency of service, security and peace-of-mind.

As a leader in cleaning trends, we build on our standard cleaning practices with specialised knowledge and innovative advances. This way, we consistently maintain best practices. Our management systems and operational methodologies are the basis for providing advice to our clients that is both commercially viable and tailored to your exact requirements.

We have an intimate knowledge of all working environments, materials and surfaces. Our own research and testing ensures that we are experts at selecting the best chemicals, sealers and maintenance for a facility’s needs. Our qualified personnel know how to keep your premises in peak condition, from the factory ceilings to the boardroom floor, through to every angle, edge, seam, ledge and corner.

In addition to our physical capabilities, Sanifect provides a number of additional services which are designed to optimise our clients’ cleaning processes and maximise service delivery. We are able to respond promptly in emergency events such as fire and flood damage. We can also put together large teams at short notice for assignments such as major events or manufacturing plant cleans during critical plant shutdown times.

Sanifect fosters communication built on trust, mutual respect, efficiency and accuracy. Implementation, tracking and reporting of specific customer requirements are regularly carried-out to ensure we’re consistently achieving your specific needs and requirements. Researching, maintaining and safely implementing the latest technologies enables us to enhance performance and cleaning results.

Each of our employees receive supervision and training appropriate to their responsibility and onsite deployment. Our employees benefit from working in an ethically minded organisation that promotes equal opportunities, diversity in the work environment, and provides training and growth opportunities to build their confidence and enhance their sense of worth and wellbeing.

Regular performance monitoring, measurement and appraisal, combined with staff incentives, help Sanifect guarantee the highest level of excellence.

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