Sanifect were proud to sponsor the Skate Australia national inline speed skating team in the lead up to the 2023 World Speed Skating Championships in Italy.

Inline speed skating may not be the first sport to come to mind for Australians, but there is a dedicated team of amateurs chasing their dreams of sporting glory on the local, national and international stage.

As a lesser-known sport, Skate Australia Team Manager, Pauline Robertson, reflected how the team had never received sponsorship like ours before, and how team members usually fund all their expenses – from travel and accommodation to basics like food.

“(The money) was a godsend. It allowed me to help support the team in ways we usually never afford,” says Pauline, who has been involved with inline speed skating for 36 years, 18 as Team Manager.

“I was able to hire a van, for example, that allowed for greater convenience and for the team to get to events early to prepare. We were able to eat better quality foods for nutrition and fuel, something any athlete should have access to. While our athletes who required physiotherapy were able to be treated without any out-of-pocket expenses.

“For the younger team members, the money was as fundamental as their getting uniforms. For some, the sponsorship support meant the difference between competing and not. And, as team manager, it was wonderful to not have to concentrate so much on the budget, and more on the team members’ wellbeing and morale, all of which contributes to better performances.”

The team competed in various disciplines over the eight-day event. The 11 members was a development squad with many there to experience a World Championship.

All skaters gave 100% under the guidance of Team Coach Mick Byrne, a previous World Championship medal winner”, says Pauline.

On behalf of everyone at Sanifect, we congratulate the young team in representing Australia and on their efforts on the global stage. We very much enjoyed seeing all their efforts via social media.

For more information on Skate Australia, the National Sporting Organisation for skate sports, head to

We also thank Team Crisp Air for their partnership in the sponsorship and for their dedication to the sport.