Infection Control for safe & healthy environments

Tailored Emergency Cleaning Action Plan for cross-contamination & infectious outbreaks

Sanifect recognises the complexity of addressing cleaning challenges that arise from infectious outbreaks or cross-contamination issues. We provide commercial organisations across all industries with specialised strategies that proactively manage and contain complicated cleaning emergencies. For more complex environments, Sanifect offers a comprehensive and detailed infection control audit service.

Central to our infection control methodology is the Emergency Cleaning Action Plan (ECAP). This meticulously tailored solution addresses specific complexities and risks associated with infectious and cross-contamination outbreaks.

During unforeseen cleaning challenges, like a virus outbreak, our proactive focus on strategic planning, rapid response and implementation of targeted cleaning protocols, minimise potential risks and ensure the utmost safety of your environment, personnel & clients.

With Sanifect, your organisation and facility will receive customised cleaning solutions tailored to specific hazards. You will be able to rely on a team of in-house experts who have extensive experience in mitigating risks associated with infection control. Our expertise has been honed through dedicated service to the highly regulated hospital and aged care industries, culminating in a knowledge-base that is transferrable across other sectors.

In addition to this wealth of cleaning and infection control expertise, Sanifect provides clients with access to specialised products, cutting-edge equipment and, crucially expert guidance. This multifaceted approach ensures your organisation not only receives tailored solutions but also the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively implement your own ECAP.

Combining our knowledge of infection control with this comprehensive support, we empower you to bolster your properties’ cleanliness and safety measures, contributing to a healthier and more secure environment for all stakeholders.

Contact our team today to discuss how we will develop a customised Emergency Cleaning Action Plan that addresses your specific concerns regarding cross-contamination and/or infectious outbreaks that ensures a safe and healthy environment for all.

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